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An 8-year old builds a computer, makes us all look stupid in comparison

Most kids spend their pre-teen years putting stuff in their noses, marveling at how squeaking their armpits sounds like a fart, and trying to keep their young brains from exploding at the concept of long division. An 8-year old named Michelle, though, is out here building computers—computers that turn on and work and consist of expensive, easily breakable parts—on YouTube.


The video begins with Michelle telling us her age and assuring us she is, in fact, a child by stating that her interests include “slime, pizza, and Barbie dolls.” With that out of the way, she lists the parts to be used in the computer and cracks some pre-written “kid jokes” (like one about a static-stopping wrist band that “basically grounds you without getting in trouble” and “Memory. What is it? I don’t remember!”). Otherwise, though, the whole thing is what it says on the tin: Instructions for building a computer.

“If I can do it, you can do it,” Michelle says near the beginning, vastly overestimating our melty adult brains while also showing a sweet, naive faith in humanity that will surely be eroded in the years to come. Still, a child’s hands snapping the parts together while a child’s voice describes what’s happening is definitely encouraging for any adult who thinks building a computer is beyond them.

Michelle last came to our attention a few years ago when she and her dad recreated those ridiculous Matthew McConaughey Lincoln ads from a years back in her Barbie car. Now, having moved on to the world of technology, we await her take on the “Dude, you’re getting a Dell” commercials from long before she was born.

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