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Another tribe swap fails to shake up another dull Survivor

Jeff Probst is doing this again
Jeff Probst is doing this again
Photo: Robert Voets (CBS Entertainment)

Because The A.V. Club knows that TV shows keep going even if we’re not writing at length about them, we’re experimenting with discussion posts. For certain shows, one of our TV writers will publish some brief thoughts about the latest episode, and open the comments for readers to share theirs.

  • Probst is like that co-worker who brings donuts for the office, but instead he’s got yet another batch of fresh buffs, because like everyone else he sees this season is going nowhere fast. Time to swap again! This time we’re going from two to three tribes, with the green Yanuya tribe starting from scratch at a new camp. The “shakeup” doesn’t look promising from the start, as old Naviti outnumbers old Malolo three to two on every tribe.
  • The great Domenick/Chris feud is broken up, with Chris going to the new tribe and trying to make new friends by talking incessantly about himself. Wendell and Laurel are both happy to let him dig his own grave, but as long as he helps them win challenges, they’ll be happy.
  • At new Malolo, Desiree is unsure where Angela stands. James spills the beans about the Chris/Domenick power struggle and Angela being targeted. James is hoping Angela feels indebted and will work with him and Michael.
  • Bradley is happy to be out of the sand and back in the lap of Naviti luxury. He feels like he’s playing an A+ game! That kind of confidence never comes back to bite anyone. Dom is relieved to be away from Chris and he’s good with Donathan, so he sets his sights on Libby as the next target.
  • The immunity challenge is that old favorite where one tribe member yells directions while the others all bump into shit and fall down. This one never gets old, folks. Chelsea won’t let go of a Malolo bag despite Dom screaming his head off at her. Michael and James take a couple shots in the nuts. New Malolo gets to the puzzle first thanks to Desiree’s calling, but they can’t get it together in time. The personnel are different, but Malolo is heading back to Tribal Council once again.
  • I guess no one’s going to Ghost Island this week? What a fantastic concept this has turned out to be.
  • The vote should be pretty straightforward: old Naviti has the numbers and decide to target James. Angela, however, has already been burned by one faction of old Naviti, and she trusts James more. He wants to target Desiree. Kellyn is nervous that Angela may be swayed.
  • There are no fireworks at Tribal Council. The only real question is whether the original tribal lines (random, not blood!) will prevail. And...they do. James is gone and the latest shakeup shook up nothing. Send these dullards home and start over, please.

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