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As requested, Terry Pratchett's unfinished work has been crushed by a steamroller

(Photo: Getty Images, David Levenson)

When a famous artist in any medium dies, their family members will often dig through their files, computer hard drives, or Twitter drafts to find unreleased books or songs or whatever that might be worth some money. In an attempt to avoid that, late fantasy author Terry Pratchett apparently told his longtime friend Neil Gaiman that he wanted whatever he was working on at this death to be destroyed, this week Pratchett’s estate followed through on that request by letting a steamroller crush his computer’s hard drive

As reported by The Guardian, the manager of Pratchett’s estate tweeted a picture of an intact hard drive in front of a waiting steamroller a few days ago along with a caption about fulfilling an “obligation to Terry.” He then shared another photo of the same hard drive shattered and scratched—presumably beyond any hope for repair.


The hard drive will now be put on display by the Salisbury Museum in England, where it will be featured as part of an exhibit dedicated to Pratchett’s work.

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