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Bloopers revival to once more demonstrate that celebrities are human and fallible

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Some 30 years after it first launched, Dick Clark Productions is reviving the TV series Bloopers, in which Clark presided over humorous errors made during the production of film and television programs, cackling madly at the lack of professionalism and punitive twists of fate that had made them all look like fools, damn fools. The show (which has yet to name a host) is being revived as a weekly syndicated series debuting next fall, and, with its combination of bloopers and hidden-camera stunts, will most closely resemble the franchise’s popular 1980s incarnation TV’s Bloopers And Practical Jokes, in which Clark recruited Ed McMahon to be his comic foil, and—often with a simple glare or flash of his teeth—bear the brunt of Clark's relentless thirst for sadism whenever it failed to be sated by the video clips. But this new edition, in keeping with our times, will also feature “user-generated video,” finally giving TV viewers a way to check out YouTube without having to figure out the Internet, or watch one of those other shows about YouTube. Anyway, the Bloopers announcement follows MTV’s recently confirmed revival of Punk’d, suggesting that the day of good-natured comeuppance and brief inconvenience is nigh for celebrities. It is nigh.