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The A.V. Club film writers are in general agreement that 2007 was an unusually strong year for movies, perhaps the best of the decade so far. Are we wrong? For the third year running, we're anxious to get your take on the year in film. In the past two incarnations of The A.V. Club Film Poll—topped by A History Of Violence and Children Of Men, respectively—we discovered that your opinions synch up pretty closely to our own, which, of course, puts you entirely in the right. But what about 2007? Were the likes of No Country For Old Men, There Will Be Blood, Once, and Zodiac the year's best or are there other, less heralded titles that deserve more attention?

As always, we welcome your votes and your commentary on the films and the year in general. And as extra enticement, we're offering special swag-filled prize packages to the top three contributors in lieu of actual payment for services rendered. So sharpen up those trenchant insights and stinging bon mots, because A.V. Club t-shirts and other random crap we have sitting around could be yours!

Here are the rules:

1. Come up with a Top Five list in preferential order and submit it to filmpoll@theonion.com.


2. For simplicity’s sake, each submission will be allotted points on the following scale: 5 for #1, 4 for #2, etc.

3. Though it’s not required, you’re encouraged to include your thoughts on individual entries or the year in general. The most interesting comments will be included with proper attribution when the results are posted. We’d prefer actual names and locations, but if you’d like to use an alias, that would be okay, too.

4. Deadline for submissions is Friday, January 25th, which also happens to be the due date of my first child, so if there's a delay in posting the results, you'll know why. In any case, this should give you a few weekends to catch up with Oscar hopefuls and hopelesses like There Will Be Blood, Atonement, The Diving Bell And The Butterfly, Alvin And The Chipmunks, et al.

Okay, so get out to the multiplex, tear through that Netflix queue, and give us your best.


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