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Cardi B's new "Money" video is ludicrously unsafe for work

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Capturing the wildly out of control spirit of the waning year in remarkably apt fashion, Cardi B released a new music video for her track “Money” today, one that, like 2018, is extravagant, ridiculous, and totally obsessed with Cardi B. Resolutely unsafe for work (unless your work is, you know, cool), the nudity-heavy video stars Cardi in all her various manifestations: twerking object of consumer devotion, breastfeeding mother, and, of course, person who would really like it if you gave Cardi B some goddamn money, please.

Cardi originally released the song back in October, promising that it’ll be on the deluxe version of her Grammy-nominated debut album Invasion Of Privacy. The song covers all the expected topics of a brag-heavy “Fuck you, pay me” rap track of the modern era: Dick is nice, jets are nice, but nothing is as nice as cash, so pony up, please, and stop trying to steal Cardi’s thunder.


“Money” was directed by frequent Cardi collaborator Jora Frantzis.

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