Perhaps anticipating an onslaught of media coverage (since everything she does on her show is now front page, below-the-fold news, or fodder for Anderson Cooper's blog) Oprah has made highlights from her interview with Dave Chappelle available online before it airs this afternoon. You can find it all here. Revelations (yet to be revealed on TV) include: Chappelle isn't, in fact, crazy. Chappelle didn't tell his wife that he was going to Africa until he was already in Africa, something that he calls "a mistake, but it wasn't a crazy mistake." Chappelle felt manipulated by those around him. (Coincidentally, the people around him worked for Comedy Central). Chappelle would return to Comedy Central, and do the show, if half the revenues from the DVD sales would go to charity. (A deal that pretty much guarantees Chappelle's Show will never return). Chappelle is not mad at anybody. Well, "not anymore." What does everyone else think about Chappelle's exit, Comedy Central, Oprah, or any of the other words used above?