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Christopher Lloyd is Doc Brown once more in the Lego Dimensions trailer

Robert Zemeckis has promised that Back To The Future will never see a reboot or remake as long as he and original producer/co-writer Bob Gale are still alive, so hopefully that means the legacy of his unimpeachable original film (and its moderately impeachable sequels) will never be tarnished. That being said, it will always be a delight to see Christopher Lloyd play Doc Brown, so we’ve got no problem with him showing up—in character—in this trailer for the Lego Dimensions video game.


Unlike most of the Lego games up to this point, the big hook in Dimensions is that you can buy special Lego figures that you can then use in-game via a “portal” that we can only assume is powered by magic. That means instead of only having Lego Batman go on an adventure with Lego Robin, you can have Lego Batman go on an adventure with Wyldstyle from The Lego Movie, or a Lego version of The Doctor, or—as highlighted in this trailer—a Lego version of Doc Brown. The trick is that you have to buy all of that stuff seperately, but are you really so cheap that you’d deny yourself (or your kids or whatever) the joy of playing a video game as Lego Doc Brown?

Lego Dimensions will be available for the PlayStation 3, the PlayStation 4, the Wii U, the Xbox One, and the Xbox 360 on September 27. On the off-chance you don’t have one of those systems, you could always use your imagination to play with Lego sets. We hear that’s how people used to do it.