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Conan makes Kumail Nanjiani cut himself in half in the latest Clueless Gamer clip

(Screenshot: TeamCoco.com/TBS)

Another high-profile video game is set to arrive in stores in a couple of days—in this case, highly anticipated sequel Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War. (You can read the start of Matt Gerardi’s coverage of the game right here). That means it’s time once again for Conan O’Brien to joke and roll his eyes through another segment of his TBS show’s popular Clueless Gamer feature, taking the game’s fast-paced combat and riff on Tolkien mythology as unseriously as humanly possible.

Luckily, Conan has an experienced co-pilot with him this time: stand-up and actor Kumail Nanjiani, who not only co-hosts his own video game podcast, The Indoor Kids, but is actually in the game himself. Indeed, the video’s highlight occurs when Conan and Kumail encounter “Dugz The Agonizer,” only to hear Nanjiani’s voice coming out of his monstrous mouth, sending O’Brien into hysterics at the fact that it sounds exactly like Kumail Nanjiani, and nothing like an orc.


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