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Corey Feldman asks for $10 million to make movie about being abused in Hollywood

(Photo: Getty Images for Ovation, Araya Diaz)

Corey Feldman has claimed for years that he and Corey Haim were molested and assaulted by men in the movie industry when they were kids, but he has consistently chosen not to name any of the alleged abusers out of concerns for the safety of his family (and to avoid legal threats). Now, though, People is reporting that Feldman wants to make a full-length feature film about his life and the abuse he says he suffered, and he says he intends to include the name of “every single” pedophile in Hollywood that he knows about.

The issue is that Feldman needs a lot of money for what he’s planning, and he has started an Indiegogo campaign to try and raise $10 million. Feldman explains that the money is for scripts, actors, and visual effects, as he wants this to be a proper film with a theatrical release. He also plans to hire “a team of attorneys” who can “protect” him and the film once it’s completed. The Indiegogo campaign also has a “flexible goal,” which means that Feldman will get any donated money whether he reaches his $10 million goal or not.


You can see his pitch video below.

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