The conclusion of the last season of Dexter left viewers with numerous questions: Will Batista ever get past his overprotective feelings for his sister? Will LaGuerta's political ambitions continue to compromise her integrity? How is Harrison doing at his preschool? And then, way, way down on the list, some people might also be wondering how Debra will react to her discovery that Dexter is actually a killer, and whether this will then affect the burgeoning incestuous romance that promised to pay off the series-long love affair that viewers had grown so fond of and certainly were not at all repulsed by.

This preview for the show's seventh (and if promises can be believed, penultimate) season goes a long way toward addressing that last one, at least, showing much of the season-long aftermath of Debra struggling to comprehend that Dexter has a serious "murdering people" problem and that she is a truly shitty detective. Focusing on their storyline—along with finally justifying all that time spent with the creepy new computer whiz guy—doesn't leave much room in the trailer for addressing any of those other questions, unfortunately. But like always, we're sure Dexter will find the time.