Washington Redskins player Chris Carter, attempting to destroy America and everything it stands for. (Photo: Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

Offering that customary “cable TV provider” level of compassion and care—in this case, to customers traumatized by the sight of men kneeling, the most threatening and hostile of all the gestures of dignity and supplication—DirecTV is reportedly giving out refunds to subscribers who cite the current wave of NFL protests as their reason for canceling their NFL Sunday Ticket package.

That’s a reversal of the company’s usual policy, which says refunds can’t be issued after the start of the regulation season, which began September 9. But, presumably, the AT&T company doesn’t want to deal with hordes of Trump supporters screaming about how un-American it is to offer up silent, non-violent opposition to government action, or get sued when some idiot sets their cable box on fire and dies of smoke inhalation because they couldn’t handle the concept of “knees.”


According to The Wall Street Journal, there are differing accounts of what kind of refund the anti-protest protesters are getting; some customer service representatives say they’re giving out full refunds, while others say they’ll be pro-rated based on how much of the season customers watched. It’s also not clear how many people are actually canceling the package, which allows users to watch every Sunday afternoon game, and brings in roughly $1.5 billion a year for the company.

[via TIME]