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Doctor Who's Michelle Gomez to play an evil teacher on Netflix's Sabrina reboot

(Photo: Getty Images for SiriusXM, Vivien Killilea)

According to Variety, Michelle Gomez has joined the cast of Netflix’s new Sabrina The Teenage Witch as Mary Wardell, “Sabrina’s favorite teacher and mentor at Baxter High.” Unfortunately, Mary Wardell eventually gets possessed by Madam Satan, “the Devil’s handmaiden,” so she becomes a “sultry, cunning manipulator” who tries to turn Sabrina evil. That’s the sort of thing that would’ve seemed odd for Melissa Joan Hart’s old Sabrina show, but this new version is inspired by The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina, a grim graphic novel that is more horror-focused than the other show. The Netflix series—which has already been picked up for two seasons—is also tied to the Riverdale universe, so it even has some extra dark and sexy blood running through its witchy veins.

Gomez is best known to people as Missy, the most recent incarnation of longtime Doctor Who villain The Master, so she seems like a perfect choice to play an evil teacher possessed by Madam Satan. She’ll be joining Kiernan Shipka, who is playing Sabrina herself, and newcomer Chance Perdomo, who is playing Sabrina’s “witty, puckish, and pan-sexual” cousin.


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