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Eddie Vedder makes his melancholy debut on Twin Peaks

(Photo: Scott Olson/Getty Images)

We never really know what to expect from any given episode of Twin Peaks, but an intimate concert with Eddie Vedder is both “out there” and welcome. Last night, we watched as the Pearl Jam frontman—under his real name, Edward Louis Severson III—performed his wistful new song “Out Of Sand” on the stage of the Bang Bang Bar.

Sure, we knew Vedder would be contributing a song to the revival series, but we couldn’t have guessed that he’d perform it for the roadhouse patrons while wearing a fedora. Despite the Lynchian lyrics and his alt-rock bona fides, though, Vedder/Severson was not the main act at the Bang Bang Bar—that was reserved for “Audrey’s Dance.” And you can probably guess what came after that.


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