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Elisabeth Moss, Bryce Dallas Howard love Baby Yoda, and Laura Dern may have seen him at a basketball game?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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The collective love of Baby Yoda is so pure and powerful that, were it possible to distill and reproduce, that love could thwart global warming, solve the energy crisis, and turn everyone’s poop into confetti cake. Baby Yoda could very well usher the world into a new age, one that future generations might look back upon with reverence and dub “The Great Affectioning.” And while your love for Baby Yoda is nice and all, you are not a famous person, therefore your opinion is not nearly as consequential (if at all)—if a tree falls in the woods, etc. But the opinions of Elisabeth Moss and Bryce Dallas Howard (who actually directed an episode of The Baby Yoda Show, featuring special guest Helmet Guy) do matter very much, so it’s a good thing they also love that little bug-eyed green puppet baby.

Moss, a Scientologist, believes that Baby Yoda has “united the country in a way that is very necessary”—possibly because it has distracted us from the Dark Lord furiously and indiscriminately mashing buttons in the Oval Office, or maybe because it has given us something in common with Elisabeth Moss, a Scientologist:


Bryce Dallas Howard, who directed the most recent episode, told Vulture that when she first laid eyes upon the magnificently cute Baby Yoda, she had a rather visceral reaction:

I think I screamed. [Laughs.] It was a physical reaction — I’m holding my face right now, I’m squeezing it, because the baby is so cute.


This is a perfectly normal response, but—as illustrated by what Howard says next—it’s worth noting that prolonged exposure to Baby Yoda may trigger psychosis in some patients. Please speak with your doctor about the side effects of Baby Yoda to determine what’s best for you.

Something that might really be not true, but I heard recently and I was like, “Oh, I feel this is true,” is that someone told me that when you see something cute, it fires a part of your brain that’s very close to the violence part of your brain. And that’s why you say, “I just want to smush it. I just want to squeeze.” It’s that kind of visceral reaction — you get that burst [of feeling] when you see those eyes and those ears and those cute little hands.

It seems that Baby Yoda is enjoying his new celebrity status as much as the rest of us because, according to Laura Dern, she spotted him at a recent basketball game. Just don’t ask her for more details because Laura Dern is most definitely not about to narc on her space friends: