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Exclusive: Steve Martin And The Steep Canyon Rangers release a charming video for “Santa Fe”

As many are aware, Steve Martin the legendary comedian is also a banjo player, an instrument he used in his earliest stand-up gigs and now appears to be returning to with a genuine flourish. His bluegrass band the Steep Canyon Rangers has recently released its followup album to 2011’s Rare Bird Alert—the appropriately titled Long-Awaited Album.


New single “Sante Fe” is bolstered by an animated video by Fantoon’s David Calcano, premiering here at The A.V. Club. All the characters and musicians are portrayed by Tex-Mex food items, as the story of a long-distance relationship between a taco and a sack of french fries perseveres even through several travails. The song itself uses to horns to brighten the score, “Ring Of Fire”-like, racing to keep up with the frantic strumming of Martin’s banjo and other strings beneath.

Steve Martin himself has sent a quote to us along with this premiere:

Thank you AV club for showing the video. I hope the site doesn’t crash.