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Finally: A Reality Show That Doesn't Take Itself Seriously

For years now, Comedy Central has been sitting on the sidelines watching VH1 and MTV churn out ultra-serious, totally humorless reality shows like Flava Of Love, Celebrity Fit Club, A Shot At Love, The Surreal Life, and I Love Money, just waiting for the opportunity to mock these shows and everything they stand for. Of course, most of these shows only exist to mock the format of other, older reality shows, like The Bachelor, The Real World, and The Biggest Loser, but whatever. Who says you can't parody what is basically already a parody of itself?

Thus: Reality Bites Back, the show that needs eight stand-up comedians to make fun of something that is proudly ridiculous.


I only count five reality shows and one American Gladiators, not eight: Big Brother, I'm assuming, can never be made fun of enough. And I've never seen the show, but it's probably about time someone stuck it to The Amazing Race. Also, the So You Think You Can Dive bit was pretty funny. But as for the Shock Of Love, Hunting With The Stars and Chubby Club faux-shows, no one can make fun of Celebreality as well as VH1 already does. Have you seen I Love Money? It's not real, and it's definitely not trying to be.

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