A while back, I got a press release for a book that promised to change the face of Christianity from something soothing and traditional (i.e. Jesus), to something totally awesome (i.e. memories of Biodome). I'm talking of course about Unusual Suspect: My Calling To The New Hardcore Movement Of Faith, by Stephen Baldwin.

By the way, that truly is a great title. It's a perfect marriage of one of Baldwin's acting credits with the idea that he's born-again–to the extreme! Though I do think


The Fierystones In Viva Rock Jesus: My Calling To The New Hardcore Movement Of Faith also has a nice ring to it. But the title is also a bit confusing. I mean, what is the "new hardcore movement of faith" exactly? Well thanks to this teriffic interview with Baldwin at Radar Online, we now have an answer. Evidently the "new hardcore movement of faith" is like a lazily pitched outdoor festival of some kind:

Stephen Baldwin: I'm launching a ministry next year called the Breakthrough. We're doing an extreme sports tour called the Uprising Core Tour. It's gonna be me, Christian Hosoi, and a whole bunch of other guys. It's going to be like Tony Hawk's Boom Boom HuckJam meets a Pink Floyd concert meets Cirque du Soleil. It's gonna be a trip.

And apparently, this new hardcore movement of faith is way better than cocaine. Although, you'll still crave cocaine. A lot:

SB: What being born-again means for me is that I'm having so much fun in this interview that we're not going to go out and get an 8-ball of blow tonight and go crazy. That's what born again means to me: Inasmuch as I'd like to do that, gosh, I'll just go home and read some scripture with the wife.

Radar: The 8-ball sounds like fun, though.

SB: Of course it does!

So now that's cleared up. There are many more revelations (according to Stephen Baldwin) here.