Firefly Lane: Season 2 Part 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

That’s not to say that Firefly Lane has completely forsaken its at times eye-roll-inducing blend of over-the-top silliness and overt schmaltz in this back half. The soundtrack is so sentimental this time around it might as well be sponsored by Kleenex (piano renditions of “Time After Time,” the obligatory “Landslide” needle drop, not one but two versions of “Both Sides Now”), and there are enough goofy lesbian kisses and lost-testicle jokes to fill a sitcom half hour. Subtlety has never been the game here—Kate’s hair falls out in almost comically huge clumps to the sounds of Debussy’s “Clair De Lune.” And there’s an entire boob-themed episode entitled “The Breast Is Yet To Come,” flitting between teen Kate (played by Roan Curtis, with Ali Skovbye portraying the younger Tully) stuffing her bra to impress a popular boy at school, new-mom Kate trying to get infant Marah to latch, and present-day Kate coming to terms with her impending mastectomy.


But the split-season format, coupled with the constraints of this officially being the show’s final stretch, has given these last seven episodes a much-welcome narrative tightening that was sorely missing from the season’s overloaded first half, helping to curb some of the series’ more superfluous schlock.

Instead, the back half leans into what has always been the most redeeming quality of Firefly Lane. No, not the wigs. Never the wigs. Rather, the “for better or worse” friendship between Tully and Kate, as endearing as it is enduring. Kate’s cancer diagnosis spreads to all aspects of her life, from her relationship with Johnny to her professional ambitions, but it’s how it absolutely levels Tully, cracking open the closed-off character and forcing her to contend with her worst nightmare, that finally gives the show the emotional wallop it’s been promising since episode one.


For all of the series’ time-jumping absurdity and soft-focused sappiness, Heigl and Chalke—and, by extension, ​​Skovbye and Curtis as their youthful counterparts—sell the hell out of the friends’ sheer devotion to one another, making their final run as “Firefly Lane Girls Forever” not only genuinely affecting but actually earned.

Firefly Lane season 2 part 2 premieres April 27 on Netflix.