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Gotham's Cameron Monaghan is a Padawan on the run in the uber-kinetic trailer for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Fans of the video gaming side of the wider Star Wars universe know that it’s been a minute since the last time the franchise produced a really good, non-multiplayer, non-mobile, story-based game. (Nine years, and that’s if we’re feeling generous to the “You’re Vader’s secret back-up murderer” action of The Force Unleashed II.) That period has seen a whole bunch of much-hyped expanded universe games—most notably the gritty 1313—fizzle out and die under a weight of collapsing studios and over-extended ambitions. But now, at long last, a new hope for Star Wars video games has finally reached the “Hey, here’s a trailer” phase, with EA showing the first promo for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order at Celebration today.


In case all the high-velocity wall-running didn’t clue you in, this new game comes courtesy of Respawn Entertainment, the company behind recent battle royale hit Apex Legends and the much-beloved Titanfall series. As revealed in the trailer (and its accompanying panel), the game takes place shortly after Revenge Of The Sith, with players taking on the role of an abandoned Jedi Padawan trying to survive in the aftermath of Order 66. Said exile is being played by Shameless and Gotham star Cameron Monaghan, who will hopefully tone down some of that proto-Joker energy that’s become such a viciously enjoyable part of his stock in trade.

The panel dove pretty deep into the game’s details—it’s single-player, story-driven, action-focused, and free of such modern gaming nuisances as loot boxes or microtransactions—while also getting nice and nerdy on some of its lore implications. (Yes, that’s another Inquisitor, Star Wars: Rebels fans.) And while game development is a famously fraught with lurking challenges and hidden difficulties, it’s hard not to be excited with the first tastes of what Respawn put on display today, or to build up anticipation for its release on November 15, 2019.