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Great job, Internet! Scott Stapp's inspirational theme song for the Florida Marlins

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

America’s two most beloved pastimes—baseball and listening to brawny white dudes yarl over vague approximations of “rock”—have long coexisted in harmony, but rarely have they converged as beautifully as Scott Stapp’s new theme song for the Florida Marlins, “Marlins Will Soar.” Pillaging his own “You Will Soar” (from his 2005 solo release, The Great Divide—as if you needed us to tell you that!), Creed's front-poet  pays tribute to what is apparently his favorite major-league baseball team in the whole wide world by reworking his already-inspirational lyrics into things that are both inspirational and vaguely baseball-related. So that means taking verses like this:

“I wish I could take you away
To a place of mystery
We will travel there on sands of time
To listen…to fairy tales
We will listen to fairy tales!”

And then transposing them to stuff about baseball, which Stapp apparently accomplished by simply thinking about random things that have to do with baseball, and then just singing those things. Hey, why gild the lily? Here’s a transcript:

Let’s play ball, it’s game day
We want strikeouts, base hits, double plays
Take the field, hear the roar of the crowd
Come on Marlins, make us proud


Keep hoping and dreaming and you will soar
With a little faith and love, you will soar

One strike, two strikes, swing away
A diving catch, a stolen base
A perfect game, a triple play
Another play-off race—YES!
World Series chance we’ll [unintelligible scream]


The video adds even deeper shades of meaning by providing shots of baseball-related things, possibly even the very things that Scott Stapp is singing about, while he’s singing about them. After watching it, you should have little doubt that Scott Stapp is indeed singing about the Florida Marlins, a team that plays the game of baseball.