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HAIM's Paul Thomas Anderson collaboration continues with a new music video

(Photo: Getty Images, Mark Metcalfe)

At this point, it’s starting to look like director Paul Thomas Anderson should just be named an honorary member of the Haim family. Back in April, he directed the video for “Right Now,” the first single off of HAIM’s then-upcoming new album Something To Tell You, and in September HAIM revealed that “Right Now” was part of a 14-minute short film called Valentine that featured a few other performances and an all-sister drum circle that Anderson was understandably left out of. Now, Anderson has reunited with the Haim sisters again to direct the video for “Little Of Your Love,” the second single off of Something To Tell You. The video features the members of HAIM walking through a cool dance party, frequently joining in for some well-choreographed handclaps and foot-stomps, and you can see it below.

Something To Tell You is available now.


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