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HBO Max head says they're "working on" ideas to #SaveTheVentureBros.

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As a show that was, ultimately, mostly about the unceasing ache of failure, it was sort of fitting that The Venture Bros. went out the way it did, quietly kicked out the door by a network it had spent the better part of 20 years consistently elevating with its emotionally smart, endlessly hilarious storytelling. But you know what they say about hopes: You can’t crush em if you don’t raise them back up every once in a while, too. (This may or may not be a thing they say about hopes.) Hence, maybe, a tweet that went out this week from HBO Max head Andy Forssell, tempting god knows how many fans of Drs. Venture, Orpheus, Killinger, etc. into hoping that the show might get another shot at its very slow, very strange sort of life by noting that the streaming service is “working on” ideas about how to #SaveTheVentureBros.


Of course, Forssell was also quick to note that there was “nothing imminent” about said plans, which, given that The Venture Bros. ultimately averaged out to releasing a little less than 6 episodes a year over its whole 14-year tenure on Adult Swim, sounds about right. Still, Forssell stated that the numerous fans of the series who’d reached out to him about his streamer potentially reviving the show have been “class fans” who were “oozing with politeness,” so points for style there, if no points for not acting in a way another human being would unfortunately describe as “oozing.”

So far, series creators Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer have yet to comment on Forssell’s statement. Anyway: Hopes suitably raised, everyone? Then let the crushing commence!