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Jodie Whittaker is The Doctor (Image: BBC America)

We first met the Thirteenth Doctor in a brief video that saw new lead Jodie Whittaker approaching the TARDIS, key in hand. At the time, the Broadchurch and Attack The Block star was sporting what appeared to be some Peter Capaldi hand-me-downs, but BBC America has just shared Thirteen’s official look for season (or series) 11 and on. And it’s an interesting outfit, full of the standard whimsy and practicality.


The outfit’s almost as bright as one of the Sixth Doctor’s (Colin Baker), with suspenders that presumably a nod to Eleven’s (Matt Smith). The length of her cerulean trousers, though, while chic, is bound to leave her feeling a bit cold on some of her jaunts to England. At least she’s wearing a full-length slicker—with hood—to combat all of that inclement, intergalactic weather. Oh, and she has a cartilage piercing, which will make her very popular in the 1990s. (There, we’ve pointed out the costume’s shortcomings, which should preempt any complaints about the new Doctor wearing women’s clothes. That was the issue last summer, right?)

All in all, it’s a suitably quirky look for the first female Doctor, who will make her debut in the Christmas special—when we’ll bid Capaldi a fond farewell—before heading up the series some time in 2018.

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