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Screenshot: The Simpsons

After the White House, The Simpsons’ residence at 742 Evergreen Terrace is probably the most recognizable domicile in America. Though many things have changed in Springfield over the course of the show’s 29 seasons, the look of the Simpsons’ suburban tract home has remained fairly consistent. With its attached two-car garage, bay windows, brick chimney, and slightly dilapidated appearance, the four-bedroom house is the epitome of a middle American family home. But how would it look if The Simpsons home were designed with a different aesthetic in mind?

Recently, the good people at Home Advisor took a brief break from advising people about their homes to imagine what Homer and Marge’s happy abode would look like in eight different popular architectural styles. Using the house’s core features of a garage, a chimney, and Homer throwing away a beer can in the backyard, they’ve reimagined it as an elegant Victorian, a rustic log cabin, and a sleek contemporary home complete with asymmetrical roof.


In addition to these glimpses into alternate Simpsons realities, Home Advisor offers a few interesting facts about the home styles themselves. For example, it’s rare that you’ll find a porch on the simply designed Cape Cod-style home, as they’re built with efficient heating in mind, and the traditional clay and tile used on Mediterranean homes can last for a over a hundred years. But regardless of how adventurous or sensible the Simpsons’ home ended up being, you can bet stupid Flanders’ house would be just a little bit nicer.

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