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Here's what we know about Disney+, and the million titles coming to it

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Netflix, it was nice knowing you. A new streaming service is about to enter the ring to dropkick every other platform and cable TV provider, and it goes by the name of Disney+.


According to a press release, Disney CEO Bob Iger revealed the Mouse House’s new streaming service will be called Disney+ in an investors’ conference call on Thursday afternoon. He also listed about a million reasons why it’ll be impossible to watch anything owned by the studio if you don’t fork up the cash for this thing every month. While the name may be pretty simple and boring, it’s also straight to the point. Disney, plus a bunch of other shit you know Disney owns and—muhaha—you won’t be able to watch anywhere else!

So what will that include? On top of Jon Favreau’s The Mandalorian, there will be a second live-action Star Wars series starring Diego Luna’s rebel, Cassian Andor from Rogue Onea prequel about a prequel, because no Star Wars #content can remain untapped. The final season of The Clone Wars will also make its way to Disney+, and of course every new movie set in the galaxy far, far away, but nothing prior to Episode IX. (Disney is wrestling over the rights to the classic films.)

As for the MCU, Iger confirmed the rumor that Tom Hiddleston is getting his own Loki TV series. Next year, Captain Marvel will become the first new Marvel movie to head to Disney’s service instead of Netflix, as The New York Times revealed, and you can expect every other MCU movie to do the same. Want to watch Jessica Jones and Daredevil, though? Better hold onto that Netflix subscription.

Disney+ will also have a TV reboot of High Fidelity, a new Monsters Inc. series, and a High School Musical series. The studio’s endless slate of live-action remakes, like Lady and the Tramp and the five thousand other animated classics the studio can’t leave be, will hit the service. Other rumored titles headed to Disney+ include (deep breath) an Anna Kendrick Christmas movie called Noelle; remakes of The Parent Trap, Honey, I Shrunk The Kids and Father Of The Bride; a Don Quixote movie in the vein of Pirates Of The Caribbean; The Paper Magician adaptation; Toy Story 4; a Mighty Ducks TV series; Stargirl (no, not the DC thing); a new Muppet show; Togo; and probably a million other things because holy shit, that’s obviously not enough.

While that sounds like a hell of a lot to navigate on a single platform, worry not. Disney+ will differ from Netflix’s algorithm model (thank god), and, according to a report from Vulture, have separate mini-hubs for Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic.

Better start budgeting for this monster: When Disney+ launches late next year, a monthly subscription will reportedly cost anywhere from $8 to $14. So, like, one less Chipotle burrito a month.