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Holy shit, Joss Whedon is making a Batgirl movie

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

He may have never gotten that Wonder Woman movie off the ground, but damn it, Joss Whedon is still going to make a big-screen superhero movie with a young woman as the star—if you don’t count River Tam kicking ass in Serenity, of course. Variety reports the Avengers writer-director is now set to write and helm a standalone Batgirl film as part of the DC Extended Universe. And just like that, DC sees a light at the end of this long, Zack Snyder-headed tunnel to which it has committed itself.

The project hasn’t been finalized yet, but with no other producers muddying the waters yet, it sounds like it’s simple a matter of dotting the Is and crossing the Ts. Of course, nothing else is yet known about the project, other than the almost certain guarantee that someone you care about in the narrative will die horribly during the third act, and Batgirl will dress in a manner sensible for someone who is running around beating up bad guys. (Read: No high heels, no bustiers.)


Not only does this mean Whedon has left the palatial estate known as the Marvel cinematic playground, but he has done what most comic fans do on a regular basis: Toggle back and forth between different comics properties without really giving a crap whether it’s Marvel, DC, Image, Dark Horse, or whatever other company logo might get slapped on the masthead. Despite every effort to make comics properties some sort of deranged Sophie’s Choice, it turns out most people just like good stories, wherever they come from. In related news, it’s been revealed lots of people actually enjoy both the music of the Beatles and The Rolling Stones.