In the weeks leading up to the Emmys, designated host Ryan Seacrest was quick to point out the fact that he isn't a comedian, and so he wouldn't really try to be funny as part of his hosting duties. Still, the question remained: how unfunny would Ryan Seacrest be at the Emmys?

Last night, we as a nation got our answer.

As illustrated in the clip below, Ryan Seacrest would be so unfunny that he would fail to make wearing a ridiculous costume even halfway amusing. See, since the default setting on Ryan Seacrest's face is "bland," and the secondary setting on his face is "tan," it was like watching a bad audition for The Tudors rather than a gag, and so Seacrest just mumbled something about looking gay, and then ran off stage.

Even worse, Ryan Seacrest would be so unfunny that a Wayne Brady skit/promo for Fox's Don't Forget The Lyrics! would stand out as the comedic highlight of the evening.

And, really, if you can momentarily forget the fact that the following clip was sandwiched in between multiple Tony Bennett acceptance speeches, a performance medly from Jersey Boys, a death montage over a cloud background that was probably put together on Powerpoint, and several gratuitious instances of Robert Duvall rambling about the importance of miniseries, then it is pretty funny.