How To Indicate Your "Hot"-ness, While At The Same Time Mocking The Idea Of Being Called "Hot": (From Rolling Stone's hellish Hot Issue, aka Look! It's Fergie!)

1. If at all possible, be Paul Rudd. He's one of only a handful that can pull this off. Posessing that certain


unassuming charisma really helps in these situations. 2. Insist that they shoot you from above. And in the nude. But wrangle your own sheets: you are not a some primadonna that can't be bothered to artfully bunch linens around his/her own genitals. 3. Choose your pose carefully. The point is not to seduce with a coy look over a bare shoulder, or to tease with hints of skin, but to full-on assault us with your hotness. And, truly, nothing says "hotness assault" like "spread-eagle with an arm behind your head and boxers rumpled on the floor." 4. Hold a hand mirror, but don't even look at it. That's how hot you are. 5. Never stop smirking. This is the funniest thing I've seen in Rolling Stone in a long time (apart from their profile of Tila Tequila, and I don't think that was supposed to be funny). How was this picture not chosen for the cover?