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J.Lo Doesn't Want To Be Called J.Lo

You would think that paying J.Lo an astronomical sum of money ($6 Million) for pictures of her newborn twins would be pretty easy. But you would be wrong.

After all, selling images of your innocent children mere days after their birth to a weekly celebrity magazine isn't something to be undertaken lightly. New mother J.Lo probably had a lot of thorny issues to reconcile within herself before making a decision to sell the photos–issues that would be cushioned by $6 million dollars, sure, but not totally diffused. Issues like, Should a parent profit from the birth of their children? Isn't selling photographs of your children to a magazine just a few short steps away from selling your child? What will the children think of the decision later in their lives? And, putting aside the moral issues, isn't the whole thing just unbelievably tacky?

We'll never know if J.Lo actually considered any of those issues or not, but we do know that there was one question that weighed heavily on her mind before agreeing to sell her baby pictures to People for $6 Million: Can I get those jerks to stop calling me J.Lo? Cause if so, it's worth it.

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Among [her demands to People], it's Jennifer now, and not J.Lo, a point that has been brought up in recent weeks. "'J.Lo' was from her Puffy and Ben Affleck days – she's in a different place now. She wants whoever does the story to not call her that in the piece or ever again for that matter," the source revealed. Whether this demand stuck remains to be seen. Reps for Lopez did not comment, nor did People.


Why would J.Lo not want to be called J.Lo? She started it. And kept it going. Did she just realize it's stupid?

Still, that leaves plenty of stupid nicknames to call her: Jenny From The Block, J.LoLo, Selenas, The Woman Who Sold Her Twins For $6Million, Gigli, Bennifer - Ben, J.Lo Of "A Butt Like J.Lo," Bride Of Jaundice, etc.

Hopefully People used at least a few of them.

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