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Jerry Seinfeld Has A Music Video

In recent years, one major difference has surfaced between Larry David's sense of humor and Jerry Seinfeld's sense of humor, namely: Seinfeld has the kind of kids who mercilessly kick their parents' sense of humor until it stops moving, while David has the non-sense-of-humor-assaulting kind.

If you don't think that becoming a parent can affect (or change, or shape) a person's sense of humor, then please watch the video below, and ponder this: Would Larry David make an animated feature about honeybees and then cavort around NYC with a bunch of kids in a "Bee Bus" to the tune of "We Got The Bee" to promote it? It's doubtful.

Actually, like most Seinfeld projects, that video would have been a lot funnier with Larry David.

Since I watch televison, I know that The Bee Movie must be promoted constantly and repeatedly, especially on NBC. But I would much rather see everything on NBC with rampant, unchecked Seinfeld-Vision than watch that video again.

**UPDATE: So it turns out Larry David doesn't just live inside HBO On-Demand, and he does, in fact, have two kids. Apparently, they're just not the sense-of-humor-ruining kind. Changes to the original post have been made accordingly (in bold).**


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