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The most recent phase of Jim Carrey’s career has been marked by 1) cosmic declarations about the nature of self in an ever-shifting universe, and 2) the fact that he is a painter now. He is pretty good at both of these things! What’s interesting is that he’s not just disappearing from public life for this stuff. He remains an extremely famous person, doing what he does publicly. He’s increasingly becoming the type of guy who will wander up to you on a red carpet and talk for awhile about the illusory nature of reality, and also he is firing off paintings at a crazy clip, at least judging by his Twitter account.

Since the beginning of this year, though, he seems animated almost exclusively by his contempt for the Trump administration, veering directly into a stylistic territory somewhere between “alt-weekly political cartoonist” and “illustration for a Rolling Stone op-ed.” Over the weekend, he issued his latest, an incredibly mean-spirited portrait of Sarah Huckabee Sanders. It is, at least going off of Twitter metrics, his most successful Trump admin portrait to date.


But it is not alone! Please enjoy some further artistic stylings from Jim Carrey, Official Artist Of The Resistance:


Some of this shit gets into extremely My Roommate Banksy territory:


But mostly, it is totally decent, with a solid, intentionally gaudy sense of color. Going off of his various existential decrees, it seems like he’s no longer differentiating between doing a bit and, you know, being alive, all of which has made this series of phases he’s cycling through weirdly compelling, and it is certainly a better use of his time than discouraging people from using vaccines.

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