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John Boyega’s Yoda impression is… fine

You don’t have to be a big shot Hollywood actor to know that press junkets suck. Sitting in the same darkened room for hours on end while a revolving door of faceless journalists ask you the same boilerplate questions would cause anyone to act a little crazy. So it’s not surprising that, in a recent interview for The Last Jedi, John Boyega consented to answering one final question while doing his best Yoda impression. The result? Fine.


“If you had to do a Yoda impression… to let fans know what you want them to see from your character in this film, what would it be?” proposed the interviewer from Screen Rant, with a slight chuckle that let the actor know he’s aware how ludicrous this ask is. “You will see truth. You must!” replied Boyega in his best approximation of Frank Oz’s gruff Yoda voice. “Truth,” he reiterated in his normal speaking voice with a look that said, “Okay, are we done?”

Prior to this in the interview, Boyega remained pretty tight lipped about his character Finn’s fate in the upcoming Star Wars installment, though he did say that “things are really dangerous in the galaxy right now” and he believes Finn should be allowed to use whatever means necessary to survive, lightsabers included. Fans only have to wait one more week to see if that belief becomes a reality or if Finn will simply fend of First Order troops with his deadly Yoda impersonation.

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