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John Singleton to direct Tupac again (a fake one) in biopic about his life

The Tupac Shakur biopic that was first written a long time ago, a real long time agoyou probably heard about it—is finally picking up steam, with John Singleton now officially back on board to produce, rewrite, and direct the long-simmering look at the rapper’s life and death. More than just the first guy everyone thinks of when they begin developing a hip-hop biopic (he was most recently linked to one on N.W.A.), Singleton has a personal connection to the material, having worked with Shakur on 1993’s Poetic Justice. “Tupac was the guy who I planned to do a lifetime of films with,” Singleton tells Variety. “His passing deeply affected my life as well as countless people in this world.” So definitely no pressure on whoever auditions for the role of Singleton’s personal friend, whom he had extensive experience working with and considered making his lifelong muse. As long as you know Tupac’s verse from “California Love,” you should be good.


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