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Jordan Peele explains how privilege influenced Us in an exclusive clip

From the onset, filmmaker Jordan Peele made it very clear that Us was, above all, a horror film. It was a distinction made necessary by the mounting expectations from those who experienced Peele’s first cinematic hit Get Out, a story with such overt context that it was appropriately labeled a “social thriller.” Us, on the other hand, is equipped with more than enough abject terror without leaning too heavily on the inherent horrors of today’s socio-political climate.


But that doesn’t necessarily denote an absence of social commentary. Like any good story (and it’s very good, according to our own A.A. Dowd), there are a number of lessons couched in the screams, blood, and creepily omnipresent herd of bunnies. Now that Us is available to view on digital platforms, fans can access a more in-depth understanding of the mindset behind some of the film’s suspense. In the above exclusive clip from the digital release’s special features, Peele explains how The Tethered are representative of American privilege.

Us is now available on digital while 4K ultra HD, blu-ray, and DVD will be available on June 18.