That line drew a lot of attention after the film’s release, with many critics expressing outrage that the film’s script might be linking Natasha’s infertility to her perception of herself as inhuman. But Whedon discounted that claim during a Tumblr “Answer Time” post this week—part of his recent, election-themed burst of social media resurgence—asserting that the “monster” line was much more about the character’s actions than her biological status: “She said she was a monster because she was an assassin,” he wrote. “Being rendered infertile made her feel unnatural, made her feel cut off from the natural world. But it was her actions that defined her. Her murdery actions. That’s what ‘monster’ meant.” (Kudos to Whedon for channeling Buffy Summers while penning his response.)

Whedon quit Twitter just days after Ultrons release, saying that he needed to retreat from the social media hubbub in order to write. He returned to the spotlight just a few weeks ago, making a star-powered push for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.


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