Truly, there is so much to like about this picture. The fact that Mascis, clad in two jackets and an eyeball hat, seems so thoroughly nonplussed about posing for a picture with his Volkswagen salesman, for one. There’s also the fact that the car is parked in a handicapped spot—probably for ease of photo, one would assume, though it’s still not really okay. There’s a spot just next to it, after all—and that Mascis is wearing purple shoes that aren’t all that dissimilar from the vegan shoe he slapped his name on back in 2013. Dude just has a thing for that color. Also, should anyone want to stalk Mascis—and truly, we do not recommend that in any way—now you know he drives what appears to be a silver Golf R with a Massachusetts license plate beginning with a 57.

Good luck, J Mascis. May the Golf’s front assist, blind spot mirror, rear traffic alert, lane assist, adaptive cruise control, and park pilot help keep you safe on the road now and for years to come.