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Lil B is offering free verses to artists affected by Harvey

(Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

It’s been a while since Twitter genius, Chance The Rapper associate, and amateur arachnologist Lil B produced any new music, but maybe he just hadn’t encountered a cause important enough to get him back into the studio. Today, the rapper—known as “TheBasedGod” to his online followers—was apparently inspired by the plight of artists displaced by Hurricane Harvey, though, and made a standing offer to any musicians affected by the storm: Hit him up on Twitter for a free verse.


And while Lil B’s offer might not be as immediately useful to survivors of the storm as the direct cash donations being made in upcoming weeks by fellow musicians like Solange and Fall Out Boy, there’s something to be said for the gift of art in troubled times. (Even if most of the verses he passes out do have the potential to mostly be about how cool random spiders tend to be.)

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