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Making a mockery of Abraham Lincoln's wish that the brave men who died in the Civil War should not have done so in vain, our nation continues to be enslaved by trailers for trailers, a recently forged, loathsome enterprise that keeps dragging us along by the chain of our own expectations. And though normally we would seek to cast off those shackles, it's hard to pass up this first teaser footage of Daniel Day-Lewis starring in Steven Spielberg's Lincoln, the full preview for which won't be released until Sept. 13—making its debut via live broadcast in Times Square, followed by a "Google+ Hangout" session with Steven Spielberg and co-star Joseph Gordon-Levitt, as you'd expect of any dignified historical epic. Anyway, you won't hear anything from Lewis' Lincoln just yet (that's David Oyelowo doing his best "Gettysburg Address" rendition), but this at least offers your first look at a Lincoln who isn't wearing jeans or slaying vampires.


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