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Lithuanian barbers are out here recreating Grand Theft Auto missions

Next time you’re traveling through Lithuania and find yourself needing a haircut, we’d recommend stopping by Red Light Barbers in Vilnius. Not only can they do a mean fade, but they also offer a special service where they make shot-for-shot remakes of classic mid-2000s video games. Or maybe they just do that for their own enjoyment. Either way, it’s pretty impressive.


Recently, the full-time barbers/part-time filmmakers recreated another early mission from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, which is clearly a favorite of theirs. The impressively accurate recreation is complete with looped background extra, awkward character movement, and original game audio that GTA lovers will immediately recognize. It’s a follow-up to their earlier video that highlighted a bit more of their cosmetological talents.

For fans of the routinely over-the-top GTA series, San Andreas hit a particular sweet spot. In addition to the franchise’s signature sandbox map, ludicrous plot, and offensive cultural stereotypes, San Andreas introduced a host of experimental role-playing features that required the player to occasionally eat fast food and work out at the gym. The game is also a shining example of the failings of Playstation 2-era graphics, as all the characters stiffly stutter through their walk cycles and regularly clip through car doors, but even that had some charm to it. The boys from Red Light manage to capture all of the these qualities and more in their live-action redux. But let’s see if they can do those damn RC plane missions.

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