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Lore makes the leap from podcasting to TV in a new teaser trailer

Fans of all things creepy are likely already familiar with the voice: “I’m Aaron Mahnke, and this is Lore.” Mahnke’s meticulously researched, conversationally narrated tales of the historical macabre have proven immensely popular in the world of podcasting, and now he, not unlike a restless spirit in one of his stories, is attempting to cross realms. Last year, Mahnke signed a deal to develop the podcast into a TV series for Amazon, and today the streaming service released its first trailer for the series.

Rendered in a mixed-media style combining documentary footage, animation, and “cinematic scenes,” the TV version of Lore will bring to life stories from the podcast, including “the tale of a boy given a doll that seems to have a sinister life of its own; a family whose home appears to be inhabited by a spirit from the other side; and a German village that hunts for a murderous creature,” according to a press release. Mahnke is also busy adapting those tales into a series of books, the first of which, The World Of Lore: Monstrous Creatures, is due out on October 10.


Lore the TV series premieres on Amazon Prime on October 13.

Image: Amazon

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