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Mark Hamill assures Star Wars fans that Luke Skywalker hasn't turned evil

(Photo: Getty Images for Tony Awards Productions, Jemal Countess)

If the last few trailers for Star Wars: The Last Jedi and at least one preview photo are anything to go by, it seems like Luke Skywalker has been through some shit since we last saw him burning his father’s corpse on the forest moon of Endor while the teddy bears had a party—not counting his brief appearance at the end of The Force Awakens. He’s wearing darker colors, he’s refusing to teach Rey how to use the Force, and it seems like he’s pretty committed to actually being the Last Jedi. Thankfully, fans of that flaxen-haired farm boy don’t have to worry about him fully turning to the dark side just yet, as Mark Hamill himself has shared some more information on what’s going through Luke’s head in the new movie.

Speaking with Disney Rewards Insider (via Screen Crush), Hamill explained that Luke is just feeling a bit bummed out in the new movie. “Luke has lost confidence in his ability to make good choices,” Hamill explained, adding, “it haunts him to the core.” He goes on to say that this isn’t “an evil version” of Luke, but it’s still a version of him that Hamill “never expected.” We don’t know much more than that, since Disney is being predictably tight-lipped about the movie and will only reveal so much in a Holiday-themed merchandise catalog, but at least we recently discovered that Luke will at least get to visit the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon at some point.


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