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Say what you like about the Star Wars franchise: It knows how to pay off expectations and fan nostalgia with a force unrivaled in modern-day pop culture. Anyone doubting the series’ good-old-days pull need look no further than the new surprise teaser Disney released for the film during tonight’s climactic World Series game, which mashed together previously seen footage—hey, Porgs—with a homecoming several years in the making.

And sure, seeing Luke Skywalker back on the deck of the Millennium Falcon doesn’t carry quite the heart-tugging charge of “Chewie, we’re home”—especially since everything we’ve seen of Rian Johnson’s upcoming film suggests Luke’s reunion with the ship is likely to be a lot more bittersweet—but there’s still a lot of iconic power in seeing him back on the ship that once delivered him to the Death Star, 40 years (plus one hand and a whole bunch of apparent hard living) ago.


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