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Mark Hoppus incorrectly ranks Blink-182 songs

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You’ve got to be some kind of asshole to tell the person who wrote a song that their opinion of which one of their songs is best is incorrect, but Mark Hoppus ranked a bunch of Blink-182 singles on Twitter and, we’re sorry, but “Feeling This” is not better than “Dammit,” “I Miss You,” or “Dysentery Gary,” which remains the millennial generation’s best song about diarrhea.


Is “Feeling This” good? Absolutely. It’s an ecstatic, seamless fusion of Tom Delonge’s chaotic spirit, Hoppus’ pop sensibilities, and Travis Barker’s quirky, deliriously complex drumming. Hoppus defended his decision in a subsequent tweet, saying the song is the “apex of blink-182.”

He continued, “The best of all of us. It was different and new and (in my opinion) groundbreaking.”

Fair, but is it the first thing I ever learned to play on guitar? No, that was “Dammit.” Does it have a verse that’s also a meme? No, but “I Miss You” does. Is it a song about doo-doo that still oozes pathos? No, but “Dysentery Gary” is. Fine, we’re ruined by subjectivity. We concede this. Still, a few gripes because we’re messy bitches who live for the drama:

  • It’s cool that “Man Overboard” even made the list, but that it’s got some of Hoppus’ best bass work since Buddha’s “Don’t” should’ve at least been enough for it to skate by “Down,” which is fine.
  • “Rock Show” has a great chorus, sure, but few songs are as sneeringly angsty as “Untitled,” which we’re at least glad eked through the first round.
  • “First Date” over “Josie”? That’s some troll shit.
  • “Aliens Exist” should’ve easily been top eight, if only for it being the most surprisingly prescient song in Blink-182's catalog.
  • Justice for Cheshire Cat, in general.

Speaking of the top eight, it consists of “Dammit,” “All the Small Things,” “Rock Show,” “What’s My Age Again,” “First Date,” “Feeling This,” “Adam’s Song,” and “I Miss You,” which Hoppus calls “YED” since that’s how DeLonge pronounces “head” in the song.


“Apple Shampoo” stans, meanwhile, can rest easy in the fact that it would’ve gone further had Hoppus not misread the title when filling this out. Revisit that one below because why the hell not.

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