Having landed its hero, the rest of the Shazam! movie is quickly coming together. Zachary Levi was recently cast as Billy Batson a.k.a. Shazam! a.k.a. Captain Marvel a.k.a. probably some other moniker to help distinguish between Levi and Brie Larson’s superhero movies. Now The Wrap reports that director David Sandberg is recruiting a DC comic-book movie alum to play the bad guy. Mark Strong, who was last seen mentoring Taron Egerton in the Kingsman sequel, is in talks to play Doctor Sivana. In the comics, Doctor Sivana is an evil genius and Shazam!’s archenemy, having squared off with the Superman lookalike the most. This would be the second villainous turn for Strong in a DC Comics property—he played Sinestro in the 2011 dud Green Lantern.