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Megyn Kelly’s Alex Jones interview killed by conspiracy of people who don’t give a shit

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

After a pre-air controversy that swirled around experimental conscience transplant recipient Megyn Kelly interviewing America’s spasming pyloric valve Alex Jones, causing those on both sides of the spectrum to preemptively denounce it, the actual segment finally aired on NBC last night. As expected, it found Kelly confronting Jones on things like his complete lack of vetting on information he publishes, as well as some of his more contentious theories—such as that the murdered children at Sandy Hook were really just inventions of the government. For his part, Jones answered these charges by reminding Kelly that polls predicted Hillary Clinton would win the election and that, y’know, a lot of people died in Iraq too, and also the mainstream media, etc. etc. Truly theirs was a showdown for the ages—specifically the ages between 55 and 64—and when it was all said and dodged, everyone really came away having learned a lot about whatever they already thought going into it.

Unfortunately, the segment’s very important message—about the dangers of giving disproportionate attention to self-aggrandizing ideologues who view making damaging claims about dead children as a form of satirical, “devil’s advocate” performance art, and/or why we should do it this time—didn’t make much of an impact outside of anyone’s confirmation biases. Instead, it went almost totally ignored, covered up by a shadowy ring of globalist viewers who opted to watch an America’s Funniest Home Videos rerun instead.

According to Variety, the episode averaged a 0.5 rating in adults 18 to 49 and 3.5 million viewers, a steep drop from the 4.9 million who tuned in the previous week. While some might point to the criticism Kelly endured as the reason so many viewers opted to stay away, or suggest it speaks to a general, alt-right ranting fatigue shared by most people who don’t spend every waking minute trading Pizzagate memes under their American flag emoji-ed Twitter handles, truth warriors know this is a laughably naïve interpretation.


Look at the evidence: The episode lost to the U.S. Golf Open Championship (6.1 million viewers), as well as reruns of both 60 Minutes (5.3 million) and the aforementioned America’s Funniest Home Videos (3.7 million)—a clear pattern that points to a vast matrix of blue-pilled people who prefer to remain asleep in front of some other form of white noise. Perhaps someday, before it’s too late, we will WAKE UP and realize that these so-called America’s Funniest Home Videos aren’t America’s at all! They’re chosen by an international cabal of satanist to satisfy their own sick urges to see children hitting grown men in the crotch. And there is absolutely nothing funny about that.

In the meantime, Alex Jones is still threatening to release the full version of the interview he promises will lay bare the mainstream media’s lies, as well as expose even more members of this vast conspiracy of people who absolutely cannot give a shit about what Alex Jones says.