Ah, girls. When they're not wearing helmets just for the fun of it, or staging elaborate funerals for hamsters, they're passing out drunk in subway stations, teetering on the edge of train tracks, or talking to their imaginary friends from the future. How could you not fall in love with them? They're just so charmingly mentally impaired.

The latest movie to explore the whole "She's not hearing voices, she's flirting" idea is My Sassy Girl, a movie that, despite all outward appearances, is real.

Sure, the drunk, violent vagrant in the subway routine is adorable when you're 25, but I doubt Fake Justin Theroux will find her quite as charming when she's 35 but looks 50 after living on the streets collecting Snapple wrappers for seven years because that's where the toaster once told her she could find clues to stop the world from spinning toward the sun.

That's not sass, that's acute schizophrenia. But I guess My Sassy Girl is a catchier title than My Delightful Delusional, or Meet Crazypants, My Girlfriend, or I'm In Love With A Woman Suffering From Severe Mental Illness, Yo