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Natalie Portman gets into a whole heap of trouble in the Jane Got A Gun trailer

The odds have been against Natalie Portman’s Jane Got A Gun, like the odds stacked against a lone hero facing down a greedy rancher and his gang of chaw-spitting thugs. First, like a sheriff who decided she wasn’t getting paid enough for this shit, the director up and skipped town. Then a series of actors snuck away in the night like yellow-bellied varmint, leaving only Portman, Ewan McGregor, and Joel Edgerton to circle their wagons. Even with vultures flying overhead, the studio saw fit to twice push back the release. But just when all hope was lost for our plucky heroine, the first trailer for Jane Got A Gun rides in over the hill, ready to save the day.

As the trailer unfolds, it’s Portman’s Jane who needs saving, pursued by riders in black and a baker’s dozen of Western tropes. In just over two minutes, Jane has got a love triangle, close-quarters gunplay, romantic flashbacks, a low-life husband, wanted posters, comic training scenes, fence repair, a double-cross, a scenery-chewing villain, and a vengeful mother coming for her daughter. If you like your heroines sassy, your villains getting their comeuppances, and your westerns chock full of the cast of Attack Of The Clones, you can see Jane Got A Gun when it finally opens in February.

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