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Netflix wants to get you nostalgic for your very first binge watch

(Photo: AMC)

As society warps and changes with the ever-increasing rush of new technologies, it inevitably drags weirder and weirder instances of nostalgia along behind it. Who hasn’t thought fondly back to their first emoji? Their first internet argument? Their first sext? Netflix tapped into that futuristic backwards-looking tonight, with one of its periodic little reminders that it tracks every single thing you do or watch on its service. In this case: Your very first binge-watch.

Defining the term as “watching a single season of TV in 7 days or less,” the streamer compiled some statistics about which shows were the first ones to seduce viewers into their “just one more episode” spell. Unsurprisingly, Breaking Bad came in first, followed by one of the service’s first original hits, Orange Is The New Black. The Walking Dead came in third, with House Of Cards, Stranger Things, and Prison Break, of all things, bringing up the rear.

(Image: Netflix)

Of course, it’s worth remembering that Netflix didn’t actually invent the binge-watch phenomenon; that honor primarily goes to DVDs, which made it easy, for the first time, to get an entire season of TV all in one place. Still, if you want to knock your memory loose about your own first foray into bleary-eyed online addiction watching, it’s easy enough to figure out: Netflix keeps a detailed record of everything you’ve ever watched in the “viewing activity” section of your account profile, just waiting for you to scroll down and see what your first tumble down the rabbit hole was.

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