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New Stranger Things posters suggest something real crazy is happening up and to the right

(Photo: Netflix)

Netflix continued its efforts to remind us that the new season of Stranger Things is only two months away today, releasing a bunch of new posters this morning that suggest something creepy is still happening in Hawkins, Indiana. Or, possibly, up and to the right from Hawkins, because all of the posters—which have been suitably weathered to continue the show’s cherished retro vibe—show the show’s cast looking off in that direction, while being bathed in an eerie red/purple light.


Amusingly, the only actor who doesn’t appear to have gotten the directional memo is newcomer Dacre Montgomery, who plays the show’s new “human villain,” Billy. Channeling what appears to be any number of Kiefer Sutherland characters from the 1980s, Montgomery is looking resolutely to the left in his poster, with an expression that suggests, “Hey, why is everybody looking at me?”


Stranger Things—and any supernatural threats hanging somewhere vaguely over it—returns to Netflix on October 27.

[via Uproxx]


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